Our Vision

Eruditus will be recognized as a natural leader and trend setter in education – providing a rich and scholarly fellowship with a strong foundation in academics, arts, leadership, communication, athletics and life skill preparation. Our faculty members are passionate and exceptional role models for the young ones entrusted to our care.

We Promise:

  • As an international school in a rural setting, we will provide a high calibre educational experience that blends the best practices of the eastern and western educational systems.
  • We will mold a well-rounded citizen – a student with integrity, courage, openness, good humor and virtues that enable him to embrace, adapt to and lead in this increasingly complex world.
  • We will build a school that will span decades and centuries – with an Eruditus heritage and comraderie that will bind our alumni together for life.
  • Our school's unique programme and strengths will be felt far beyond our locality.
  • The leadership at Eruditus will be entrusted only to passionate educators with forward thinking vision and a deep knowledge of the changes in the educational landscape.

Our programme is designed to channel the energy and natural curiosity of the child to inspire an enduring love of learning. Our strategy to meet these visions includes:

  • Recruiting, training, and retaining the best teachers by providing an outstanding work environment and compensation package and encouraging teachers to grow and develop new methodologies.
  • Promoting academic excellence through small class size (20 to 1 student to teacher ratio).
  • Providing a strong foundation for college preparation and higher learning.
  • Being at the forefront of technological innovation and educational research.
  • Developing a standout Eruditus tradition.
  • Fostering creativity and entrepreneurship through projects and research.
  • Providing a strong foundation to prepare students for local, national and international competitive examinations.
  • Developing leadership, governance and communication skills.
  • Promoting good physical health and mental behaviors.
  • Developing an environmentally conscious citizen.

We also continue to listen to suggestions from our community of parents and well-wishers. We look forward to your thoughts and insights as we move forward and request you to pray for our continued success.